DJ OZMA (Ozumano Sumitada) is a Japanese musician signed to Sony Music Artists Inc. He is really 氣志團's (Kishidan) lead vocalist Ayanokouji Show, although he claims to be Show's friend. His supporting dancers PANCHO and Yorunou Junichi are Kishidan's Saotome Hikaru and Binetsu DANJI's Hoshikuzu Teruya respectively. DJ OZMA debuted on 22 March 2006 with the single "アゲ♂アゲ♂EVERY☆騎士 (Age♂Age♂EVERY☆Night)", a cover of Korea rap-group DJ.DOC's 2000 hit "Run to You". Most DJ OZMA songs are either covers of popular Korean songs (mostly Koyote and DJ.

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