T.N.T. T.N.T.
There are more than one artist sharing this name: 1) Old school acid house/rave/breakbeat hardcore project by Fabrizio Simoncioni & Massimo Bani. 2) T.N.T. consisted of CXTV announcer Aya Takashima & Minako Nakano, plus Mezamashi TV weather girl Chikako Takagi. The only song they released is "約束の空" which is coupled with 2 songs by K&T (Duet by Aya and CXTV male announcer Shinichi Karube) on Avex. 3) T.N.T. was also a Spanish punk band active during the 80s. 4) T.N.T. was German Heavy Metal band. They Released one album, "Deflorator" in 1984.

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