Čovek Bez Sluha Čovek Bez Sluha
Čovek bez sluha, or ChBS for short, is a four-man band from Kragujevac which formed back in 1994. They have released three studio albums “Mrzim ovaj Grad” (“I Hate this Town”) – 1998, “Sećanje na zadnjeg klovna” (“Remembering the Last Clown”) – 1999 and “Sekond hend” (Second Hand”) – 2006. The Kragujevac natives are popularly recognised by their fan anthem for the “Radnički” football club and the public adores the honest lyrics of these “Serbian Ramones” and songs like “Blef” (“Pageantry”), “Umesto osmeha” (“Instead of Laughter”) or “Nista mi staro ne nedostaje” (“Nothing Old That I Miss”).

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