Psychoterror Psychoterror
Punk-group PSYCHOTERROR was formed in spring of 1991. Its first gig took place at "Kalapäevad" (Fish-eating days) festival in Tartu in September 1991. Forming members of the group were: Freddy - lead vocals, Müül - bass guitar, Uims - lead guitar, Andres - drums. Today, only Freddy and Uims have remained. All forming members have previously been playing in different groups: Freddy was the vocalist of punk-group "Anonüümne AK" in 1987-1988, Müül played guitar in "Alice Tisler", a group from Kohtla-Järve, which was named so after an Estonian female revolutionist who died in 1917.

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  • Toomas
    33, Tartu, Estonija

  • Margus
    45, Tallinn, Estonija

  • sid
    48, Tallinn, Estonija