GRANRODEO is a two-piece hard rock unit from Japan lead by vocalist KISHOW (谷山紀章, Taniyama Kishou) and guitarist e-ZUKA (飯塚昌明, Iizuka Masaaki) under the Lantis recording label active since 2005. Their male fans are referred to as RODEOBOY and female fans as RODEOGIRL. Their songs have been used in numerous anime series including BLASSREITER, CØDE:BREAKER, IGPX Immortal Grand Prix, Karneval, Kikoushi Enma, Koisuru Tenshi Angelique, Koutetsushin JEEG, Kurokami The Animation, Kuroko no Baske, MUV-LUV ALTERNATIVE TOTAL ECLIPSE, NEEDLESS and Togainu no Chi.

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