Almeida Prado Almeida Prado
José Antônio Rezende de Almeida Prado or, simply, Almeida Prado (Santos, February 8, 1943 – São Paulo, November 21, 2010) was a brazilian classical composer and pianist, that wrote more than four hundred compositions during his life time. In Brazil, Almeida Prado studied with Dinorá de Carvalho (piano), Osvaldo Lacerda (harmony) and Camargo Guarnieri (composition). After winning the 1st prize for his cantata 'Pequenos Funerais Cantantes', based on a text by brazilian writter Hilda Hilst, at the I Guanabara Music Festival, in 1969, Almeida Prado continued his studies in Europe.

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