チャットモンチー チャットモンチー
チャットモンチー (Chatmonchy) is a two-member (formerly three-member) pop-rock band from Tokushima, Tokushima, Japan, formed in 2000. Consisting of 橋本絵莉子 (Hashimoto Eriko) on guitar & lead vocals, 福岡晃子 (Fukuoka Akiko) on bass, and formerly 高橋久美子 (Takahashi Kumiko) on drums. They hail from Tokushima, one of Japan's most remote corners, on the smallest of the four main islands, Shikoku.

In November 2005, they released a mini album, chatmonchy has come with Ki/oon Records. Some tracks from this album are included on their first proper album, 「耳鳴り」(Miminari), released in July 2006.

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