Aknestik Aknestik
Aknestik was a pop/rock group from Haukipudas, Finland. They were active from 1984 to 2002, but in 2008 they had reunion gig at Qstock festival in Oulu.
Aknestik added often definition ”nuo merten kiharapäät” to their name which translates to "those curlyheads of the sea". Members:
Jukka Takalo (vocals, 1984–2002; bass, 1984–1998)
Kai Latvalehto (guitar, 1984–2002)
Mikko Rautalin (drums, 1988–2002)
Vesa Kupila (guitar, 1988–2002)
Maako Härönen (bass, 1998–2002)

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