Nailbiter Nailbiter
1.) Nailbiter (UK) - start 2000 in London gigs with Chaos UK, Disorder, Scalplock, Sawn Off, Força Macabra, Tetsuarei, among others. 2001 split ep with Viimeinen Kolona (Finland), split lp with Destruccion (Spain), UK tour with Dirty Power Games (Italy). 2002 mini lp "abused" in USA. 2003 deportation end of the band. 2010 reunion in Brussels, Puntala Rock Fest (Finland), Euro Tour, compilation lp of older albums repress on La Vida Es Un Mus Records, 2011 Tour of Spain/Basque-Country/Portugal, Punk Illegal Fest (Sweden), recording of new album.

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